View Full Version : rear wheel sticking

2011.03.29, 10:56 AM
hi, just bought an (new) awd dws and noticed that the rear right wheel is not running as smoothly or as quick as the rear left. this is more noticable when the wheels slow down and the rear right comes to a halt quicker than the rear left. this also makes the car steer to the right (but can be adjusted with extra trim) and also created a skiding noise when turning sharp corners. i thought this might be a manufacturing problem so i bought some 3 racing alu swing shafts, this hasnt solved the problem. ive also thought that the wheel nut would be too tight so i tried loosening it only to find after some time the nut comes off on its own. any ideas to fix this problem?

2011.03.29, 03:12 PM
You will need to look at every single bearing in the DWS to solve this problem, unfortunately. Are the axles free in the knuckle bearings? Are the outdrives free in the diff bearings? Are any one of the bearings out of alignment? Are any one if the bearings themselves not 100% free? You figure out all of those answers and you should be able to pinpoint what you need to do to fix the sticking issue. :)

2011.03.29, 03:32 PM
I have had the same problem with both DWS and non-DWS chassis. I think it is something with the diff, as when I put in multiple different bearings, the same thing happened.