View Full Version : question about mini z

2011.03.30, 09:51 AM
ok i know that 4x AAA is required for the chassis but what battery and how many are required for the stock transmitter that they always give to you?

2011.03.30, 10:40 AM
Also 4 AAA batteries

2011.03.30, 11:04 AM
Must assume that you are speaking of AM as opposed to ASF. You mentioned the "one they always give to you" which is the KT-5 AM transmitter which requires 8 "AA" batteries as opposed to the ASF KT-18 model that requires 4 "AAA" batteries.

2011.03.30, 02:57 PM
yes i the KT-5 AM transmitter sorry didnt know what it was called and thanks for the help guys