View Full Version : covering body holes?

2011.03.30, 05:51 PM
I just got a new white kyosho body for my z. The problem is that there are holes for the wing ,but I dont want to install the wing. I dont intend to paint the body ,but just leave it white. What can I use to fill or cover the holes and will match the color of the unpaited car? I have tried bathroom caulk, but it is too yellow and you can see the spot where the holes are. Any suggestions?

2011.04.02, 02:22 PM
bump, anyone out there?

2011.04.02, 02:30 PM
cut tiny sticker to cover the holes.

2011.04.02, 03:19 PM
cut tiny sticker to cover the holes.

I have tried with white electrical tape, but the color is not right. Good idea ,but where can i find something that is matching white?

2011.04.02, 06:01 PM
Black lip spoiler or CF-look decal to make the trunk "CF"? Doesn't have to match the white styrene IMO, it's extremely white (almost bluish) anyways so color-matching to it is difficult.

2011.04.03, 11:23 AM
try tamiya modler's putty... but i believe that thing is gray...

since you want to keep everything white, why not a once over spray with a tamiya white rattle can??? or if you're more adventurous you can use a different color...

hope this helps...

2011.04.03, 06:50 PM
Hmm... the CF sticker sounds interesting. Where can I buy something like this? My nearest hobby store is about 100miles away. So it is inconvenient to travel there to get one. :(