View Full Version : Version 0.58 of Flip Side Racing software available

2011.03.31, 09:05 PM
Version 0.58 of Flip Side Racing software is now available for download. You can get it from the Flip Side Racing software project site (http://www.flipsideracing.org).

The primary focus of this update is bug fixes. Quite a few bugs were uncovered and removed. Even if you have not encountered these I would suggest upgrading. Below is a list of the changes.

New Features

Flip Side Dio (http://www.flipsideracing.org/projects/FlipSideDio) hardware support. This is a DIY lap counting system based on the Arduino, example code is provided. I built this to have a decent lap counter system for my sons slot car track but it can be altered to other purposes.
Some fields on the Edit Racers screen can be enabled or disabled. So, for example, if you never use the make or model options you can hide them. Just go the the General Config. screen and then to the GUI options and select which fields you want to hide.


Added the option to set the maximum number of racers in a race to 1-7 racers.
Improved automatic error reporting function and added additional details to the log file.
Added 1:32 scale to the default available scales.
Updated the race report stylesheet so it will highlight the best lap for each racer in the individual lap times on the generated html report.
Deleting racers from the edit racers screen no longer deletes them from the database. Instead the record is hidden. This allows the existing races they participated to show their results still.

Bug Fixes

Fixed rounding error with Mac's that would cause the check for updates feature to not detect a new version in some cases if the version number only differed by 0.01 because of incorrect rounding.
crystals.xml is included in the import function now.
Additional error logic in the import function to prevent the deletion of files in the destination that do not exist in the source.
Fixed error that would occur if you tried to delete a racer on the edit racers screen but had no racer selected.
Fixed error that would occur if the scale picture function was called with no picture
Fixed error with crash reporting that would occur if the preferences file had not been read by the time the crash occurred resulting in a nil object for the club name.
Fixed error that could occur if you deleted a racer from the edit racers screen just after they complete a race and then delete them from the race.
Fixed error that would occur if you delete the last racer from a race instead of deleting the race.
Removed lap 0 from the Lag, Time per Lap and Rank over Time graphs
Changed row spacing logic so if you select a negative number the rows will not overlap the header at the top.
Fixed error that would occur with the import function if you selected the same source folder as the destination folder.
Fixed error with the delete racer function that if some how a racer is selected but no record exists the program will display a message instead of crashing.