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2011.04.01, 01:51 AM
this weekend in Stockholm
The Swedish regionals are held at Skarpnäck (www.skarpnack.nu).
we have 29 signed up drivers and 4 classes are run.

If you send it through the translator the thread on it can be read here: http://pocketz.se/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=28&func=view&catid=8&id=3683

2011.04.01, 07:42 AM
Tudor - How many P28 chassis' will be competing in Modified Pan at the PNWC Sweden race? I am still a fan of the P28 -- If you are running a P28, I would actually really like to here about your setup and also your parts selection servo/ESC/Rx/+More that you chose for your P28 chassis. I don't know if you are running on RCP (I am fairly certain I remember a past Sweden PNWC race that you raced on RCP). But if you are racing a P28 chassis in PanCar Modified, and your are running on RCP (The 2011 PNWC Regional RCP layout), I would really appreciate a LOT if you could post some of your setup(s) and some tips on parts selection and stuff related to the P28 competing on RCP...

I know this is a post related to the race and not for setups per-say, I hope you don't mind me asking... If you would rather PM me that would be fine, again thank you and I would greatly appreciate it.:D:D

2011.04.04, 12:00 PM

in total there were three P28 cars in the Pan modified this year.

Mine, our teamdriver Micke and a third car,

unfortunatly I and Micke crashed out, me in the B-final and Micke in the A-final (he was numer 6 after qualifying) Dennis finished the B-final so he came in before me in the results.

The PNWC is indeed run on RCP as are all other PNWC events, this year we had a huge track 17,5x7m big! It was very good track with a technical part in the middle and a big long straight. :)

I Pan modified the Winner Dahlis ran a Mr02 with Kyosho electronics
the second place driver had a Mr02 with Spektrum/xray electronics
third place saw a Mr03, if my memory serves me right.

P28, on RCP is not more difficult than a Mini-z,
(It is equally difficult to go to RCP from rubber track with a Mini-z)
I run almost the same setup on RCP as I do on fosselius rubber surface, the biggest change is the tires that is changed to rubber when running on RCP, My P28 ran PN RRR06 in the rear and I ran GPM in the front, I do not remember the exact degree on the fronts but it can be 20degree... it will work with PN 8degree or PN10 degree were the 10 degree gave more steering than the 8degree. During qualifying I ran the Atomic 8 degree rear rubbers
In the final I ran the Pnracing new motor series 33T motor.