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kaden andreas
2011.04.01, 04:29 AM
anyone got any suggestions on what to do when one of the members here doesn't send a refund for a package they didn't send??

he told me to wait for the AWD and blamed it on USPS and now i'm short $100 and no car... it's been over 45 days so i can't really dispute....


2011.04.01, 06:31 AM
You can do anything from forget about it, to file a charge against him with his local police office. Sometimes they jump right onto going after the culprit, and sometimes they don't do anything, but it is likely worth it, if you are set on getting justice.

A more mild tactic would be to post a negative feedback thread here on the forum, and let the details of your transatction be public.

2011.04.01, 06:39 AM
anyone got any suggestions on what to do when one of the members here doesn't send a refund for a package they didn't send??

he told me to wait for the AWD and blamed it on USPS and now i'm short $100 and no car... it's been over 45 days so i can't really dispute....


In Life there is 3 sides to every story. Your side...his side...and the truth...
You need to look at the deal you made. Was insurance offered or asked for?
Tracking/delivery confirmation? These are protections for you.
Do you have physical proof he did not send the AWD? I believe a seller has the responsibility to prove to you he sent the package. Ask him again for proof andifhe has none....call him out on it....
GoodLuckand Ihope you resolve it.....

Action B
2011.04.01, 07:41 AM
If you paid through papal you can open a dispute. Paypal always sides with the buyer if the package is not received unless they have delivery confirmation. Simply put, doesn't matter if th seller has a receipt even papal views it as the seller responsibility to prove the package made it to your door step. A receipt that an item has been shipped is not sufficient in paypals mind, ONLY delivery confirmation.

I'm not implying that this is always the right thing to do ethically speaking but it is the truth.

2011.04.01, 08:15 AM
never let it go past the 45 days. always file a dispute before the time expires. you can than wait longer up to 20 days before making a claim. if you make a claim you'll get your money back assuming they can't prove that is was delivered to you. If the item shows up you can always resend the money.

protect yourself and always ask for a tracking #. If one can't be provided than somethings up. In today's world its so easy to get the tracking info so there shouldn't be any excuses.

I've never been burned on this site but I did loose $180 on a deal from RCtech a couple of years ago. I was pretty pissed but life goes on. I won't make a deal unless using paypal because of it, lesson learned.

2011.04.01, 08:47 AM
Let me shed some light onto this situation, as i believe this pertains to me.

I bought a shelby daytona (Body Only) on ebay from a user "collectorsuperstores". $92.10

Paid: March 1st
Shipped: March 4th
Received: March 18th

couple days after it was shipped, the seller writes me and says he thinks he may have shipped the chassis along with the body by mistake. I write back and say no problem, i'll check when it arrives.

Seller writes me on March 17th to check if its come in yet. And it had not at this point, but actually does come the following day March 18th, and I wrote him the same day.

good thing i keep track of all my communications! here is what I wrote him on the 18th (the day it came in). asking him for his details to ship it back to him. I never heard back till this thread.


So OP, please show me correspondence where i said I had shipped it, and have blamed USPS that it has gone missing?

This was the last email i sent to you. to be honest, you messed up the shipping, and i wrote you to correct it. I'm not going to go out of my way to hunt you down to ship you back something you goofed on.

When i posted the picture of my purchase on this forum, i even noted that you shipped the chassis by mistake and that i would return it.



2011.04.01, 08:51 AM
hard to read the image i posted, but it says:

"Hi the car arrived today. it is on your chassis. I will mail it back. Please give me your details, and i will find out how much shipping is"

dated top right corner March 18th....

2011.04.01, 08:52 AM
OK. Points made. Any further discussion on this subject is to be taken to either PM or email. Enough has been said here.

2011.04.01, 09:10 AM
Oh, come on Mike! It's just getting interesting... :rolleyes:

On a more serious note, if this was a transaction done on eBay, I don't think the grievances should be aired here at all, and any feedback here for a transaction done elsewhere would be inappropriate. My 2 cents!

2011.04.01, 09:30 AM
As I said.

2011.04.01, 09:49 AM
I've have many dealings with Bill and in the thousands of dollars. He is a stand up guy.

I agree that this should have been handled though ebay and not this site. if the deal was thought the marketplace that is when it should be posted on this site.

2011.04.01, 10:27 AM
Thread now Closed. If either involved party(s) need it re opening,please PM a moderator.

this is not a forum for dispute resolution. read the marketplace rules. feedback is to be respectful, factual and detailed as needed. anything else will simply get removed. period.