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2011.04.07, 06:02 PM

I'm Tom from Germany and I'm really amazed about your cool body sets. So I like to show you some of my shelf queens :cool:

2011.04.07, 07:53 PM
Hi Tomster, welcome to the forum. nice shelf queens and nice artwork. i like the shelby! post more if you have!

2011.04.08, 05:41 AM
welcome to the forums and great first post... like your collection so far...
do you race? and from what part of germany are you from?

2011.04.08, 08:41 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome.
I live in the west of Germany near Duesseldorf at the Rhine.
Yes, I like to race. Sometimes I'm on business trip to Hamburg. There is a real nice track in Stapelfeld. You can find the track in the Guiness World Record Book. Last year there was the biggest event ever.

You see, old Germany doesn't sleep :D

On the race track I use a MR-03 LM (Porsche 962 body) with some useful tuning.


2011.04.08, 01:21 PM
Want to see some additional pics?
Hope you'll like it.

2011.04.14, 02:33 AM
hi tomster... sorry for late response... great pics... did you do any photo processing on them?

i think i remember reading something about the track being in guiness world records somewhere...

can you post pics of the track that you frequent? :D