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2011.04.10, 11:15 AM
Hi all, I'm putting together a 7 x 4 mtr track, here in Australia RCP tracks are not available due to shipping costs. So I'm building own track, just trying to determine ideal track surface, I've searched around and most seem to be using either RCP tracks/ foam or either carpet. But I'm wondering if painting mdf with blackboard paint would be a good track surface. A search on YouTube "mini-z awd" first clip shows what appears to be painted board surface. But I don't see many Diy tracks that use a painted surface.


2011.04.10, 12:23 PM
year ago, painted tracks were common and most used textured paint or simply adding sand or grit to the paint. i've even wondered if using a rubberized paint would be suitable?
blackboard paint may work but i would think would require constant cleaning to keep dust buildup off the track.

2011.04.10, 07:39 PM
Good point out about the cleannig, i will have track covered most of the time.
I am not sure if rubberized paint would provide too much grip? I have a small track now made with industrial carpet tiles (low pile =2mm). This is pretty fun to race around but i feel it has too much grip, the cars rear (MA-010 stock tires) end bounces around corners and tight corners just flips, id like a little understeer or for the car to spin out a bit when going too fast rather than just flip, just like when i race 1/10.

2011.04.10, 07:43 PM
i raced on this (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=9130&d=1075860479) track back in 2004 and it was really fun despite the wood rails beating your car to hell. it had a painted surface with sand mixed in if i recall correctly.

2011.04.10, 08:39 PM
Nice track! I really like the idea of using a painted surface, to me it seems more realistic. I think ill try painting some MDF panels and test run it out first before i paint the whole track.

2011.04.11, 12:05 AM
Don't give up on the carpet track, I run on a carpet track here in the US (Cruzin with RC's in NJ) and the carpet is just amazing to run.

Look at this link:

Forum for the Cruzin with RC's


They upload results almost instant. Check out the Videos links on the left


After running Miniz's on RCP for a while an going to carpet it was just amazing the smooth seamless track is the way to go.

Good luck on your project. Post some pics when your done with it:D

2011.04.11, 06:55 AM
Hi Phillip and others interested, I have started a track build thread here with pics included http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=411846#post411846

2011.04.11, 12:22 PM

Give carpet a try. It's the best racing sensation you can get.

RCP or rubber floors, are good, easy on cars, but they don't offer the same driving feeling as carpets.

Painted surfaces, might look good, and be the easiest to clean. but they are really harsh on tires and cars.

Carpet on a smooth surface is the best. look for a thin, smooth carpet (like the ones used on 1:1 cars).

For borders, the bet option is EVA foam (as the RCPs have), with some hard plastic or vinyl tape on the inside - so cars can slide)

Here you can see some examples from a Japanese track:

track pic 1 (http://blog-imgs-34-origin.fc2.com/r/a/j/rajitensanda/20110406205850c91.jpg)
track pic 2 (http://blog-imgs-34-origin.fc2.com/r/a/j/rajitensanda/20110330210100bfd.jpg)
track pic 3 (http://blog-imgs-34-origin.fc2.com/r/a/j/rajitensanda/20110408211003637.jpg)
track pic 4 (http://blog-imgs-34-origin.fc2.com/r/a/j/rajitensanda/20110406205851081.jpg)