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2011.04.11, 03:33 AM
When shortening motor wires, does one normally shorten from the motor end or the board end?

If the board end, do you buy new tips (the bits that get screwed onto the board) or can they removed without total destruction?

2011.04.11, 04:12 AM
much easier to shorten from the motor end dude:), heat the solder and pop the wire off, cut to length and solder back on:D

2011.04.11, 04:16 AM
Right you are. Just remembered where i've stored my soldering iron. Time to cut those pn70t tentacles!

2011.04.11, 06:50 AM
A lot of top racers reccomend soldring to the board instead of using the typical connectors. When I do this, I still solder to the board first, then make my cuts at the motor end. It makes it easy to cut the right length.

Remember to take into consideration suspension travel. I have shortened some too much, and they hindered travel making the car feel tweaked. Ive also left too much wire, and had it bind on the inside of the body. Good wire, and the route you run it are both inportant.

2011.04.11, 09:41 AM
I typically solder my connections to the board. Most of the time I desolder the wires from the motor, solder that end to the board, and then shorten, and solder the wires to the motor... As Landon said, be sure not to shorten too much, as it will effect suspension movement, and put stress on the wire next to the solder joint, possibly breaking the wire in time...

Once I have the wires worked out for the setup, if I switch the motor, I reuse the leads that are on the car, and remove wires from new motors before installing them. This is usually much easier than unscrewing the wires from the board each time since you dont have to remove the damper to get to the motor screws...

2011.04.11, 06:40 PM
Ditto........same here.;)