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2011.04.11, 06:53 AM
Hi All,

Just wanted to share with you all, my track build. This track is 7 x 4meters with 75cm track width. This track is made up of panels, so it can be easily packed up after use. This pic was taken at night from the balcony of my house.

The panels you see in the pic below are 3mm MDF and rased by 19mmx 42mm pine, the pine is used to securely attach MDF pieces with a nut and bolt (hand tightened only), there is minimal gap between between joins (<1mm) and panels attach nice and flush. Im still considering whether or not i should carpet this track or paint with blackboard paint, appreciate any suggestions.



2011.04.26, 04:33 AM
Well after much thought and from suggestions in a previous post, i have decided to go with carpet. I also made some additional track parts so that the track could be shortened to fit in a double garage on rainy days. Here is a pic of it setup.
The track is pretty smooth, takes no more than 15mins to setup. The carpet is great for both rubber tires and when you want to drift. The rails are EVA foam mats stripped 1cm X 1cm and screwed top down into the track. Initially i was concerned that the rails would not be high enough, but so far so good, car has not gone over rails.

2011.04.26, 04:46 AM
Nice track! But I too would be concerned with 1cm rails. Would think you'd need 2cm high at least. 3cm would be better! Just measured the RCP rails and they are 2.76cm high!

2011.04.26, 05:09 AM
Thanks, yeah I will see how I go, ive run car on 4 batteries and car has not come off, i prefer the look of the 1cm high rail, looks a bit more life like.

The carpet was carpet tiles, the local carpet shop had carpet tiles that were no longer in production, so they were clearing them out, I got 100 tiles 50cm x 50cm for $40, only problem was that they were multiple colours as can be seen in the image. But the savings (normally $5 a tile) was justified for the lack of consistency in colour. These tiles were glued using pressure sensitive adhesive glue.

2011.04.26, 07:40 AM
Now that you mention squares, I can barely see their shape in the photo. As for the different colors, I wouldn't worry much, as you got a great deal! I might have used the gray down the middle with blue on either side to give it a cool look. But was matters is how car handle on it.

2011.04.26, 09:55 AM
Looks really good to me. I like the 1cm walls. On my old home track I used ones that were about 1.5cm and never had problems with the car exiting track. The RCP rails are way too tall IMO :D

2011.05.04, 07:14 AM
Thanks Traveler and hrdrvr :). I have also finished the larger original track 7x4m it too fits in the garage but hangs out 1.5meters. Never driven on RCP track but carpet is great fun to drive on :D. Havent touched my 1/10 since getting into mini-z.