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2011.04.11, 10:53 PM

Just got MA-010 AWD orange chassis version and drive it at my home. Surface is hard titles, with rough and simulate a wooden surface, like this:

For building a track in my home, I am thinking the track surface to use either EVA form or carpet, but the problem is I found the current tile work pretty good for my AWD !

I have not try a decent track at local club, so I don't know what good traction meant. The following are some observation when I drive my AWD on tiles, please see if the surface is good or not:

-- when I apply full throttle from idle, it won't slip and go forward.
-- If I apply steering and full throttle from idle, it drift.
-- Full throttle --> Full break, it stop within 1 ft.

Do my surface have good traction? AWD is all stock with Atomic bearing only

Thanks !

2011.04.12, 06:49 AM
Sounds like it has pretty good traction. How does it corner at full speed? Like full throttle, then turn the wheel all the way.

2011.04.12, 06:54 AM
carpet,carpet, and more carpet,at cruizin rc we run awd and they are absolutely amazing,so fast,no flip,no bounce,just fast fast fast...

2011.04.12, 08:26 AM
It depends on your taste and driving style as well as the availability of hop ups for your particular car. A surface with a lot of traction will generally give you a faster more agile vehicle the down side to this is that depending on your skill level and speed traction rolling can become an issue. A surface with less traction will generally give you a slower car that is pushy and some may consider easier to control. Like my original statement said its all relative and you should see what tires and parts you can get before making a decision.

2011.04.12, 09:03 PM
hrdrvr: If full throlle --> full sterring, it still turn, but then it will drift (I think it is normal?)

In fact I already start driving in my hard tiles surface, so much fun and for the stock car, speed is just right in my 150 sq ft living room.

After I got more skills, then I will seek for tires, hop-up etc ... $$$

Thanks for all the advice