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2011.04.12, 12:51 AM

2011.04.24, 01:53 AM
Attended my first Friday race at FPR since it moved and boy, was it a large track! Besides a true storefront with its continous pegs of mini-z everythings, this 5000 sq ft shop holds the largest track I've ever seen. With lots of room, powered pits, snacks/drinks, and more displays to admire, this is a one-stop-shop. Don't forget about Pete and Eric - not only did they show me what works and doesn't, they even install it.

Not only MiniZ, I'm excited about that road course set up on the other side. Time to learn to drift and repolish my grip skills. Toying around with the 12scale is as much as fun as MiniZ IMO. And bashing around the lexan feels better than bashing the ASCs.

Great luck with the new place. You got a family of 4 "boys" that's a fan.

2011.05.02, 12:55 AM
IMO, racing around with 12scale has similar if not identical feel as miniZ. Road course is dialed with lots of traction without the rolls. Softer setup, softer front, looser rear is the next attempt to get thru the turns faster. Hug those turns, and power thru. The stock motor is plenty fast. This is my re-attempt to race road again and the knowledge ive learned with miniZ applies. Thanks mini-z community, your threads and inputs are great reads. Thanks FPR, your rcp and road track ensures endless fun in between classes. Yeah yeah yeah, I will still marshall but you gotta take the controller away. Hehe lol

2011.05.11, 01:46 PM
Anyone have pics of the new track? Is it RCP or carpet? Thanks.

2011.05.29, 06:11 PM
What is your racing schedule for June/July 2011?

2012.01.03, 01:18 PM
The new facility is so sweet! Lots more space and more things to do. If you guys haven't gone to check out the new place yet, you should try make time to come down and peep it.