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2011.04.13, 10:40 AM
hey guys. im new on this forum. im on xmodsource alot so yes i am a xmods fan. but i got my first mini-z (mr01) a few months ago and i love it. but now i want another one. but i think it will be funner to build it from scratch. yes you herd right, i want to build an mr03 from scratch even though ive never seen an MR03 in person. any suggestions?

2011.04.13, 11:49 AM
Shouldn't be a big deal to do. Start with the gold terminal chassis set, as it comes with the innards. Then add the servo saver, servo gears and board to get the main chassis done. If you want a stock rear end, you have your choice of Kyosho RM, MM, or LM pods. Otherwise any of the aftermarket pods will work. You'll need a diff too.

For the front you have the same choice. Go stock Kyosho with the small parts set or aftermarket. At least 4 of my 03s will build from the components ;)

2011.04.13, 12:33 PM
thats what im going to do. instead of buying individual parts first i bought the sets like the chassis set and suspension set etc. but im going to do the PCB last because its the most expensive and i also need a radio. and i dont want to use any other electronics like the mr02. its going to be strictly mr03 components (except the knuckles and bearings) . also i need help on installing the servo saver?? idk what it is or does.

also will these fit the mr03?

2011.04.13, 01:14 PM
no...mr03's have their own knuckle design

2011.04.13, 02:36 PM
also i need help on installing the servo saver?? idk what it is or does.

It keeps the servo gears from breaking (servo "saver") too easily in a collosion. The Kyosho stuff comes with very good instructions, so you should be fine. You can also download a PDF of the instructions for most of their kits from their site. Good luck!

2011.04.13, 03:07 PM
do you know where i can find a set in black or silver? preferrably black?

2011.04.13, 03:09 PM
Black knuckles? The stock plastic ones are black plastic. PN makes silver alloy.

2011.04.13, 08:31 PM
Traveler: in that case on going to use the stock ones for awhile

update: found a steal!! i just got everything i need except electronics, motor, and motor pod for 60 shipped!!!!!! even got ball bearings!! i have a feeling this project might end up being cheaper than buying an mr03. well........thats kind of the goal :D

P.S. mods, can you change the name of the thread to "Project: Scratch Built MR03" thanks in advance.

2011.04.13, 10:40 PM
If using a lot of hop up parts, it should be cheaper to scratch build than to buy a new car and the same hop ups. You will also get to know the chassis better when building it.