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Chris M
2011.04.16, 03:02 PM
I just bought a PN racing V3 LCG motor mount and am having trouble with the motor. I got the mount installed but the motor is being a bear. Does this mount require an aftermarket motor to mount in it? I don't see any mount holes on the bell of the stock motor. As it sits right now I have a pretty expensive, although good looking, paperweight.


2011.04.16, 03:07 PM
It requires a motor that has mounting holes. Just about every non Kyosho motor has such holes...

Chris M
2011.04.16, 05:41 PM
It requires a motor that has mounting holes. Just about every non Kyosho motor has such holes...

Thanks EMU. I'll call over to Frank at Atomicmods monday and get a new motor... Kinda freeked me out a bit that I couldnt put the motor in. This little thing is gonna rip up the track when I get done... assuming I can drive it LOL:D

I may have to pay someone to show me how good a car I built.

2011.04.17, 03:03 PM
Drill the holes in the stock motor and use a screw.
We do it all the time with stock and xspeed motors.

2011.04.17, 09:54 PM
@LED, do you have a technique in drilling a hole on the stock motor? What type of screw do you use?

2011.04.18, 04:00 AM
wildthing... you just drill a hole in the can as led said...

it should be a bit smaller than the actual screw, so that when you actually put in the screw and start tightening it will (hopefully) make it's own thread...

or if you make the hole kinda big, you can glue a nut (on the inside of the can) just make sure that there's some clearance from the armature on the inside...

or lastly you can drill a small hole, and purchase a 2mm hand tap to make the thread...

2011.04.18, 02:07 PM
print out this template.
make sure your printer is set to 100% and not fit to page or scaled or something.
Cut out the middle hole. Tape it to the motor (make sure the sides are parrallel) and drill the holes using a 1.5 mm drill. Dont go to deep or you will destroy the motor;
Then simply use 2 screws you use to fix a H-plate to the chassis (stock ones).
First time getting them in is a little tricky.

here are some pictures of a tutorial I once did. Sorry its in dutch.


2011.04.18, 11:20 PM
led... pretty cool link... and yes a template would be indeed helpful to know where to put the holes... :D

hmm.. so you are using the self tapping screws? or the screws that come with the motormount... i think the screws that come with the motormount are finer pitchwise...

thanks for the info... :D

Chris M
2011.04.19, 12:39 AM
I bought a Reflex racing 70 turn motor. I also bought $80 worth of front end parts... This car is sucking my bank account dry! Thanks for the help guys.


2011.04.19, 02:14 AM
I have used both self tapping screws or the 2 mm screws. The 2 mm are more difficult to get in th efirst time.
Just make sure you do not overtighten the screws and brake the thread in the bell.