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Chris M
2011.04.18, 12:27 AM
I got this little gal a few weeks ago and managed to buy a few parts for it. I need a new Motor as suggested in another thread. I decided that since I was posting questions I'd post a picture of the car. Here it is without the motor. Just a few days and I'll be throwing down some good lap times.

I had to buy a stock MM motor mount which took me to 98mm wheelbase. My body is 94mm so I couldn't run the body. With no body I was running high 6 second times around the HFAY track on energizer batteries. My charger is on the way and will have my new motor in the box as well. I'm hoping that the upgrades (and body) will have my times in the mid to low 6's. I don't know if you guys have tried to drive these things without the bodies on em, but they get a bit squirmy.


So far I have
PN MM motor mount
NSX body and wheels

I bought a module for my KO Mars EX-1 radio so am able to tune my radio for my driving style. Its going to make my life much easier for sure.

I'll keep you guys and gals posted as to the progress my car and I make on the track!


2011.04.20, 11:58 PM
Hi and welcome.

For sure a good radio is necessary for a confortable driving. I've just bought a Ex-10 and it changed my life!

Chris M
2011.04.24, 12:05 AM
Got my front end parts charger batteries and my motor today in the mail!


Front end is installed.

2011.04.29, 02:38 AM
Welcome aboard to the mini-z world. Always liked the NSX Takata !! Have fun.