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2011.04.18, 03:11 AM
Hi all,

I am very new to RC and got an AWD (the orange chassis).

When u guys are cornering at high speed, do u just release the throttle to neutral, or apply brake?

The problem is if I apply brake, even a very small amount, the car will come to completely stop almost instantly ... seems like the wheels got lock up and just stop, rather than slow down.

Is it because I apply the brake for too long? General speaking, after I apply the brake, should I back to neutral, or start slowly apply throttle?

Any help would be appreciated


2011.04.18, 04:35 AM
adjust brake strength using the throttle trim... :D hope this helps...

2011.04.18, 04:41 AM

So whether I have applied too "much" brake, or applied the brake for too "long"?

I have just move the stick for a few mm, it still too much??

2011.04.18, 04:46 AM
What transmitter are you using?

2011.04.18, 09:03 AM
Ive actually noticed that its like a regular car
If you slam on the brake peddle your gonna smoke your tires
Try adjusting them and being gentle when braking

2011.04.18, 01:54 PM
ive actually noticed that its like a regular car
if you slam on the brake peddle your gonna smoke your tires
try adjusting them and being gentle when braking

idk it's not like 2wd

2011.04.18, 02:00 PM
I use the brake alot. And I mean alot...
I did have some trouble figuring out the best way to use hte brake.
This is what I did.

First you need the know that the brake strength is proportional to your reverse speed. The higher the reverse speed, the faster you will stop.
Secondly I found that setting the throttle neutral zone (using ASF programming) to the minimum does not allow you to reduce the reverse speed enough.
So first I put the neutral zone to maximum.
Then I do a few laps around the track braking where I need to. Like I said I use realy low front steering grip wich means i almost have to brake before every corner except high speed corners. I try to focus on the corner where I need to brake the most. Then I adjust the brake so that when I apply full brake for that corner tha back doesnt brake out or starts to slide. When I hit that point I check if I still can go in reverse because with the neutral zone set to maximum you can trim the speed so low that your car wont even back up anymore. The other corners wher eI need to brake less I play with the trigger more.

Positive for my style of racing. Alot of stability on the straight pieces of the track. Easy to correct when you overshoot a braking point. Finding the correct tires for the front is a little less difficult. Front tires last longer.
Down side. The rear tires wear alot faster. You have a BIG problem if you cant find the rear grip you need for the braking. The balance of your under braking needs to be spot on.

Little note. I have an MR02, I dont know what the deal is whit the neutral zone on a MR03.

Hopes this helps.

EDIT. Just saw you have an AWD. Dont know for that chassis either. Still hope this helps :p

2011.04.18, 03:56 PM
Im a bit different and rarely use the brake trigger. I tend (with my AWD) to use the drivetrain friction and motor magnets to apply braking forces for me.

At my "braking points' I just let off the throttle and reapply carefully at my turn-in clipping point.

It may not be for everyone but for my AWD it works for me.;)

2011.04.18, 04:10 PM
With AWD I only use the brake function (trigger) on the really tight corners... otherwise I use cowboysir's method... I adjust the drag brake with throttle trim so it feels right when I come off throttle and the car brakes a decent amount to transfer weight to the front. I typically adjust the throttle trim a good deal to get it to feel right depending on the tracks grip/layout and tire choice that I am using. Larger tracks with less tight corners I typically have more fwd throttle trim, and will use the brake function for the tightest corners on the track. Tight corners I have more rev throttle trim and will use very little brake function.

Always test to be sure you can easily get into reverse. With ASF, you can adjust the neutral zone. I typically use Wide, as LED stated, which gives more range to adjust the trim and increase drag brake...

Hope the info helps. Most of the info is general, but somewhat AWD targeted...

2011.04.19, 02:07 AM
I only use brake on really tight tracks where i need to flick the rear end round a tight corner (setup flaw, i know).

Mostly i just adjust the neutral brake from my transmitter to have some 'drag brake' that feels good.

With about 20% reverse speed and some sub trimming, the reverse delay on the 02 is non existant :)