View Full Version : May Dates, Sound off!

2011.04.20, 03:22 PM
I know it's still midway through April, but I'm getting this out there now because I'm going to be GONE the last two weekends of the month, as in out of the state with no way to attend.

So for the sake of points I'd appreciate if we can at least get HFAY done early in May... or maybe both races even :)

May 6 - Free
May 7 - Free
May 13 - Not preferred (Mahjong)
May 14 - Free
May 20 & 21 - In Chicago
May 27 & 28 - In Toronto (Gonna try to check out MC3 while I'm there!)

2011.04.20, 06:17 PM
I can do

Friday 6th
Friday 27th
Saturday 28th.

It would be great if we could have the HFAY on one of those nights.....

2011.04.20, 08:34 PM
Friday 6th sounds good for HFAY for me. I'm okay with missing the big track... it's more fun for sure but I do want to get those HFAY points.

2011.04.21, 07:50 PM
my thoughts exactly!

2011.05.03, 10:32 AM
So, do we have race on this weekend?

2011.05.03, 11:38 AM
Apparently D can't do the 6th. He'll clarify later I guess.

2011.05.04, 10:36 AM
Okay, according to D, the middle two weekends have to be the weekends, so we need votes on the 13/14 and the 20/21.

My personal vote is Saturday the 14th for Big Track. HFAY drops the lowest two scores so I can take a double zero for this month, but if I only race once this month since I'll be out of town for the other date, I want to race on the big track.

20/21 I'll be in Chicago so no reason for me to vote there.

Other thoughts?

2011.05.06, 11:23 AM
May 14th is Official according to D. Can anyone chime in if they have any objections?

Friday May 20 would be HFAY date then.

14/20 work okay for people?