View Full Version : Defective z-cars

2002.07.25, 05:03 PM
Me and my brother went to the local hobby shop and got two z-cars. After about 30 min. of driving them the steering of my car stopped working. At about the same time my brothers motor stopped working. To me they seemed low-quality made. Have any of you had any problems with the z-cars ?

2002.07.25, 09:52 PM
Steering stopping working probly, stripped the servo gears, they are small have to be carful ramming walls with some bodies, and never run with out the body, EVER.....

The motor might have fried the esc (did you change the motor?), or more likely a broken wire...

2002.07.25, 10:22 PM
Drac, they don't have servo gears, they barely even have a servo, it's two sets of coils on either side of a neo magnet.

eranbem, that's terrible, I would return them right away, 30 minutes for $20+ each isn't acceptable. Join us over at http://tinyrc.com for more Mini RC discussion, btw.

2002.07.25, 11:58 PM
ok Z-car that stupid thing I saw overpriced on ebay , not a Mini-Z ;) ok.. never mind its in small rc section ;).

2002.07.26, 07:24 AM
I told the guy at the local hobby shop about the busted cars and then he thought I was lying so he went and got some batterys and stuck them in and then he figured out that they didnt work! Besides they dont sell mini-z's! Also that guy gave a lot of my friends trouble when they were trying to return something. And the worst thing of all is that he owns the store !