View Full Version : Reflex Racing Point Series Results and Standings

2011.04.23, 08:50 PM
Reflex Racing Point Series Results and Standings will be posted here. Mike K, Mike G, Matt W and myself will have permission to edit this thread as needed for updated results.

Mike Keely
2011.05.21, 08:36 AM
Here are the results from the first race in March.


1st Matt-----------136----------124*TQ gets 4 extra points
2nd Gee-----------133-----------115
3rd Mike K---------131-----------110
4th Joe------------130-----------105
5th Gary Jr---------38------------100
6th Ray------------118-----------95
7th Melvin----------108-----------90
8th Fisherman------104----------85
9th Keith-----------83-----------80

Mike Keely
2011.05.21, 08:41 AM
Here are the results from the second race in April.


1st Mike K-----------120----------120
2nd Matt-----------117-----------119*TQ gets 4 extra points
3rd Gary Jr---------117-----------110
4th Joe------------114-----------105
5th Jim------------101------------100
6th Ray------------101-----------95
7th Fisherman------90-------------90
8th John-----------79-------------85