View Full Version : 2WD Driffting....

2011.04.24, 10:52 AM
Dear all....Is it possible for 2WD MR03/MR02 tune to Driff machine maybe?Thx....:D

2011.05.20, 04:05 PM
Not impossible, but too difficult. :eek:
The best I managed to do was getting a MR-02 with autoscale tires running for about 2 minutes on carpet desperatly trying to not hit any barrier, pulled a few slides but I wouldn't practice anymore in those conditions... it's just too hard, no margain for error. :(
If your limitation is money, you could get a nice Fast Lane Monster Drift car at a local Toys'R'Us for a few bucks and have some fun anyway. :p
Obviously, for many reasons, a MA-010 AWD is the best choice... but might not be the cheapest too. :rolleyes:
Anyway, if you're still going to try it with MR chassis, would love to see pics and vids. ;)
Good luck. :D