View Full Version : pinion gear falling off

2011.04.26, 12:43 AM
Newbie here.

I've upgraded my MR03 w/ the PN alum. motor mount and switched to a PN80 motor but still using stock 48T diff.

The pinion gear keeps working its way off the motor shaft. It is the stock plastic one, but has a very tight fit, or so it seems. But after a dozen laps or so it has pushed itself away from the motor and pretty soon will work its way off all together.

Do I have a setup/alignment issue between the motor/diff?



unearthed name
2011.04.26, 01:40 AM
check for the meshing of the gear.if it's too tight between the pinion and the diff, it might fall off. if everything else is fine. change into atomic metal pinion

2011.04.26, 01:41 AM
Try replacing the pinion with a similar tooth... sometimes motor temperature warps the pinion slightly over time...