View Full Version : My new Porsche - 996 Classic?

2011.04.28, 03:53 PM
After a few emails with Herman, he's got me motivated to post again so here is my first attempt at the classic duck tail spoiler. I've already tried one set of home printed decals for this but I'm really in need of that ever elusive white...

Next time I want to try for the full '997 Classic' conversion perhaps using a ninco xlot white body 997 grafted together with one of these. Does anyone have any experience with the Ninco shell? All I know is that it's quite a bit smaller.

Some of the paint still needs touching up, but here you go...





2011.04.28, 04:09 PM
I like that spoiler... looks classic ;) This is based off of the GT3R correct? Not the GT3 road version...

2011.04.28, 04:36 PM
Yeah thats right. GT3R all the way. The spoiler just had a bit of an extension & a bit of re-shaping.