View Full Version : 575GTC Fantasy x2

2011.04.28, 04:31 PM
The orange one has been through hell & back. I chose the wrong nail varnish remover & melted it trying to remove the factory decals. Then after hours re-shaping & rescuing the thing I could'nt get white paint to stick to it. It just came out pink every time so in the end I threw orange all over it & vowed to smash it up... In a good way of course. Front light clusters & much of the roof removed & carbon strengthening plate up front. I have a red one to do next.




Here it is sat on my MR03 with fresh battle scars from my new shed track. The Nissan is on my AWD chassis & really needs some learner plates...


2011.05.02, 01:22 AM
thanks again for sharing...
nice racing scars on the nissan and ferrari... :D