View Full Version : Problems with rm for corvette

2011.04.28, 06:32 PM
i have a PN Racing rear mount on a covette. 2 problems: the first, is that the fuses attached to the kyosho X-Speed motor are in the way of the differential shaft. ive tried bending the wires to fit but they still rub angaint the staft, i dont really want to bend the wires more and then snap. the 2nd prob ive found is that in order to get the wheels to fit on the covette body ive had to move the PN motor mount to the limit of attachment on the main chassis. should i still consider getting a Rear Mount or will an other mount work? the length from wheel shaft to wheel shaft is 93mm

2011.04.28, 08:27 PM
With an RM t-plate, you should be in the long position for 94mm (center of axle to center of axle). If you decide to go with an MM mount, make sure that it can do 94mm wheelbase.

About the 'fuse' issue. Do you mean capacitors? If you are running ASF/2.4ghz, you dont really need them. AM you must have them. You can push them out of the way a good deal, or resolder them so they are out of the way. I usually have my motor wires on the rear of the motor for RM mounts, not the front where the diff shaft is. Have you tried flipping the motor around?

2011.04.29, 09:50 AM
sorry i did mean capactors...i had previously thought that i couldnt flipp the motor due to the mounts but i just tried again and it seems to hold. thanks