View Full Version : Reverse Intermittant

2011.05.01, 11:07 AM
Okay here is a tough one
Ive got a 015 chassis with an 27 mhz AM Board that seems to have an
intermittant trouble on going into reverse
(Sometimes its okay, sometimes I have to hit reverse several times before
it kicks in)
Im using a Futaba 2PL on my 02 and this 015 and the 02 does
not have any issues with reverse, so its not on the transmitter side
Seems to be on the 015 board someplace
Im thinking that there may be a cold solder joint someplace
but Im not familair with the circuitry, so if anyone can narrow it
down and throw any suggestions on anything that could be
causing this?


2011.05.01, 11:32 AM
Have you tried adjusting the throttle trim a little to see if you are close to the edge of the neutral throttle zone when the trigger is released? Try trimming a little forward or backward and see if it helps.

2011.05.01, 11:47 AM
No I didn't try that
Im game!
I'll try it and let ya know

2011.05.02, 01:15 AM
i'm with emu... try it, sometimes the throttle trim for each board is different...
hope it works out for you... :D

2011.05.07, 11:53 AM
Had to back off the trim a bunch
Im close to where I want it to bebut not exactly there
Im suprised that there is such a diference with the
settings from one engine to another!
Im going to have to remember this for the future!
Now just to get more practice on my Narrow!
Thanks Guys! :)