View Full Version : R246-1341 individual oil damper for MR-03 front end

2011.05.01, 09:13 PM
I was just browsing through Kyosho America's site and found this (http://www.kyoshoamerica.com/Individual-Oil-Damper-Front-End-Set-for-MR-03_p_10083.html). Has anyone heard of it before? Is it new or old? Thoughts?

unearthed name
2011.05.01, 09:42 PM
it just came out last month. tempted to buy it, but decided not to, since there's a reputation that r246 oil shock is bad (have one myself, and decide not to put any oil inside) it also might mess up with the front suspension geometry (caster mainly)

2011.05.02, 10:22 AM
This looks cool, but the R246 shocks have a bad reputation as said. They're heavy too! Don't see why this would be needed, but it does look cool.

180SX SR20
2011.06.01, 12:44 AM
hi, just purchased that item and installed it last night. I don't know about all the tech about bump steer, roll camber and stuff. I just hope it handles better than it did. If i have to change springs, use different oil or experiment. If it doesn't work, oh well.