View Full Version : picture size limit

2011.05.02, 05:02 PM
i was just wondering if you guys had a picture size limit something like 800x600

it seem to be every pic i look at on here is way way way way way way way way oversized and its kinda pain to veiw most of them so i dont in the end

2011.05.05, 06:55 PM
i guess no-one know`s the answer to this simple question just like i thought

2011.05.05, 08:21 PM
we do not have the plug-in that resizes images installed. right now it puts up whatever is uploaded. we would naturally prefer that images be of a reasonable size so that screens don't have to scroll right/left.

2011.05.05, 09:31 PM
Whenever the page scrolls, you have to scroll to read text on the page... I always try to keep my images at or below 800x600. Hope this helps.