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2011.05.06, 05:39 PM
I haven't ran my MZs in a while and was dusting them off last night...I will have to drag out my RCP next. It's great to see some of the same faces on here doing the same things as when I left.

It looks like I need to catch up with the new chassis especially with AWD.

2011.05.06, 06:00 PM
Its been a while :) Glad to see you back on the forums. Things have evolved, but the core is still the same. Keep it simple to start with, and just get back to driving... then you can decide what direction you want to go with.

Welcome back!!!

2011.05.06, 11:47 PM
Yup EMU it's been a while I got caught up in starting a business...getting married....having a baby. You know, life:p.

It's great to see the core with people like you and Arch still active. Where is everyone in the NY area racing these days? Staten Is.? I stumbled upon a really nice facility up by my in laws in Mahopac, NY (upper Westchester/lower Putnam). The have a 1/10 off road out back and in the basement an awesome facility with lots of pit tables, a nice RCP track, a drag track, and a mini rock crawling course.

2011.05.07, 12:48 AM
There are many tracks to choose from now... Action RC in Staten Island, Cruizin with RC's and Maj's Hobby Shop in NJ, Brooklyn hobbies, Los Magnificos and Thunder Hobbies in the Bronx... Nothing in Manhattan though :rolleyes: But there are plenty of options, as all that I listed are within about a 45 minute drive from Manhattan.

Do you have more information about the facility in Mahopac? Is there a website? Do you know the name?

Congratulations with starting a family :)

2011.05.07, 08:22 AM

2011.05.07, 01:06 PM
Thanks for the link. judging by the website, they have slot tracks indoors... have they changed to RCP? Thanks...

2011.05.07, 11:20 PM
they do have 3 or 4 slot tracks as well as an RCP and the other tracks I mentioned. They rent the micro Losis for use on the RCP burt you can run anything (they said they tried to rent the mini-z's but they were too delicate for rental duty). It's a very nice facility...in fact I stopped by there today to pick up a swash plate for my msr heli.

2011.05.13, 01:50 AM
HOLLA!!! Welcome back bro!

2011.05.13, 07:10 AM
great to see you Joe...how's things been? Back in TX?

2011.05.14, 06:51 PM
Nope out here in LA. Just never changed my location in profile!