View Full Version : are those custom ball bearing motors in stock???

mini Z modifier
2002.07.25, 11:40 PM
are those custom ball bearing motors in stock. id be interested in getting one. are they faster than an xspeed motor and a turbo both in a mini Z if they are faster than the xpseed and turbo put togethter i got ta have one then.:D

2002.07.26, 05:02 PM
mini Z modifier, they are available on a sporadic basis, as when we list them in the Shop they sell out in only a few hours. See this thread for more info:


mini Z modifier
2002.07.26, 05:44 PM
hey Mini Z. how long till you get more of those motors in stock. id be interested in getting one!!!

2002.07.26, 06:24 PM
mini Z modifier, I'm glad you asked, we'll be listing for pre-order in the next few days. You just have to keep an eye on the Shop, as sometimes we're sneaky and don't announce it in the Forums. And this is a very special batch, dubbed the Z-130-A-BB-SE, because they will be a special limited edition using the Squat BB cans rather than the usual BBs.

mini Z modifier
2002.07.26, 06:27 PM
tnx Mini Z. so what part of the shop do ya find em. do you go on missalanius, alloy parts,. so what part of the shop do you find the motors when you getem???

2002.07.26, 06:32 PM
Powertrain - unless we try to be really sneaky!

2002.07.26, 09:23 PM
miniz can you tell me will it be as good if I did the port myself (in to a squart BB can),Because after I got your motor it did't fit in my topcad alloy motor mount.

Is anyone having the same problem??
please HELP!!

2002.07.27, 03:23 AM
yeah i had the same problem with my topcad motor mount and the mzr motor. but a bit of custom work with a stanley knife did the job. it's seems that the motor is just a fraction longer than stock or x-speed, so shaving off 1mm or so from the plastic endbell is the cure:D