View Full Version : Cooper and 94mm Races, May 21, 2011

Mike Keely
2010.10.29, 09:55 PM
Need to update this one or start another one.

2010.10.29, 10:25 PM
i did only it was posted to the dc gtg area. i'll copy it over here.

2011.05.11, 12:01 PM
i spoke with Gary sr. and there will be a cooper race and 94mm race class. I assume this will take place at Remnant, need them to confirm.

tentatively, event starts at 10am.

need them to confirm specs for the 2 classes.

2011.05.11, 02:07 PM
confirmed the following:
race will be at Remnant location

cooper class: 70t motors
94mm class: down to 50t motors

weight, height, etc. per typical PN rules.

i'm using the same copper setup for the capitol challenge with updates but same body/motor.

2011.05.20, 07:25 PM
i'm still planning on being there at 10am for cooper racing. let me know before 8am tomorrow if plans change.