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2011.05.11, 08:11 PM
Hey there fellow Z'ers! It's been a long time since I've visited these forums. Been busy with RC helicopters and collecting Transformers.
Problem is, Transformers just sit on the shelves, and the helicopters are only fun when the weathers nice. Lately this year, the weather has been crappy here in Colorado. Very nice and warm, but too windy for flying.
So, I'm considering making a comeback into Mini-Z's. Plus, I'm a car-guy at heart and have been drooling over some of the new bodies and new chassis.

So, I wanted to post a question here in the new MR03 section.
What do you all think of this new chassis? Last time I raced it was with the older MR02 or AWD chassis. Also, what do you think of the fancy all-red "limited edition" chassis?

Plus, how's the quality of the bodies doing these days? I kind of backed out of the hobby shortly after they introduced the new "Fine-Hand-Polished" stuff and raised their prices. I'm seeing some pretty cool new car bodies out there and am very tempted to get back into it.

Please let me know what you all think. It would be fun to have something to do on the weekends with my local club when it's too cold/windy to fly helicopters.

2011.05.11, 10:04 PM
it seems to be the week to dust off the z's...I did the same this week

2011.05.12, 11:47 AM
Well, I don't have any to dust off. So wondering what to get to jump back into the game.

2011.05.12, 12:28 PM
the mr-03 is the new front runner. it's just plain and simple to drive. not saying it's better than the 02, world class drivers are still winning with 02's.

your like me in collecting toys and i love the red limited chassis. it's limited production, it's all red, what isn't to like? i am also ordering the limited red 5ur, although the standard will be red from now on for the 5ur. i'm hoping to find the limited red chrome chassis parts and clear red enzo. it would all make a great display/collectors piece for me.

what transforms were you collecting? binaltech if i recall? i have a good collection of those, the masterpiece series and hasbro book style re-issues. i have a bin of vintage figures as well. i did pick up the OP 25th anniv. edition. i went all out with the gi joe 25th anniversary line as well.

i have not bought an autoscale in some time. i did get the makers rx7 and waiting on the alice motors evo but in general, they are too expensive to collect now for me. i have had to cut back to using white bodies for racing.

2011.05.12, 06:06 PM
Hey there. I've had everything from a few vintage G1's to TRU reissued G1's and the Japanese book-style G1's. I've also collected the Masterpieces, and my favorite was the MP04 Prime with trailer. I hope I don't miss that guy, but I do have his little buddy the 02 Hybrid Prime which is basically a really mini-version of MP04. I've also been collecting the WST Worlds smallest Transformers, and have about 12 Alternators.
Plus, I took a Macross 1/100 scale model and made a WST Jetfire out of him.
Sold half my collection to pay off Dad last week, and still have a few goodies left over.

I'm drooling over this red drifter-style tuned Mazda RX7 FC3S AutoScale body, was considering putting that on the red chassis, but might be too much red!

Not sure what I'm going to do yet, having too much fun with helicopters. Got one on the workbench right now, another on the way next week, and parts for my small Eflite MSR coming soon as well.

I think I've got around 20 or so RC helicopters. :)

2011.05.16, 03:46 AM
welcome back marc...
been wondering when you'll be back...
mr03 is the one-chassis-fits-all-bodies format that kyosho came out with...
pretty cool out of the box, and no reverse delay evident in the mr02 asf's...

i'm pretty sure that you'll get one... (you must turn over to the dark side)
lot's of stuff has come out since your last post... so i guess it's a great time for a comeback... :D

2011.06.30, 08:44 PM
Hi there, thanks for the comments.
I'm thinking about two chassis, and two bodies.
First, I'm thinking about the all red MR03 "limited-edition" chassis and the new red RX7 FC3S drift-body.
For the second chassis, I'm thinking of getting the all orange AWD chassis, and the new orange/black Subaru WRX drift-body.

So it would be red body on red chassis, and orange body on orange chassis.

I don't have any transmitters, and thought about getting one of the red-colored 2.4 transmitters that Kyosho first released for the Mini-Z's. Sorry, I'd forgotten what they called them, but you know. The cheap ones, just to start off with.

I need to know what sized wheels to get for the AWD Subaru, as the AWD chassis I'm interested in does not come with any.

Any suggestions? Would these two be a good choice for somebody coming back? I know they're expensive, but look's like both chassis come pretty much hopped up already.

2011.06.30, 10:12 PM
Hi marc,

I recommend getting the red limited edition EX-5UR and also the MR-03 Red Limited Edition Chassis. I just got them recently and I love em'. Some pics to share.





2011.06.30, 10:17 PM
Anyways, just to share, the red mr-03 will be kept fully stock to maintain the originality factor and it will be a fun car for me. I use the Enzo body and just play with it once in awhile. I have another MR-03 which is the 599xx and I hoped up a few stuff and will play with it more aggressively.

2011.07.01, 09:39 AM
Yea, I saw that transmitter on the sites shop. But, they were out of stock. I'm going to try and find that first and then get the chassis. I find it interesting that they're going with all this red.

How's the quality on these newer bodies? I quit shortly after they introduced the hand-polished stuff.

2011.07.01, 10:13 AM
Yea, I saw that transmitter on the sites shop. But, they were out of stock. I'm going to try and find that first and then get the chassis. I find it interesting that they're going with all this red.

How's the quality on these newer bodies? I quit shortly after they introduced the hand-polished stuff.

I think there are quite a handful of online shops selling, let me know if you cant find them. Yeah, I got the remote first too, then I got the red chassis.

with regards to the bodies, quite a big difference to me. the 599xx is the hand polished newer body, my enzo which is an old stock in our local mini z track and store, is gloss coated. Wow, lotsa difference. Gloss coated is smooth and shiny but hand finished, if u observe closely, you can see swirl marks, hairline scratches, etc. But it is not that obvious. But I may have gotten a poorer quality one though. cheers and enjoy the mini z hobby! Its great fun!

2011.07.01, 11:47 AM
My last Mini-Z body was the hand-polished and I didn't like it as much as the gloss-coat. What disappointed me was that the quality went down, but seems like the price went up. I miss the day's of gloss-coat and wish they'd come back. But, the bodies they're making are awesome enough.

2011.07.01, 11:59 AM
Does the Kyosho Mini Z AWD MA-010 DWS Chassis Set ASF 2.4 GHz come with ball bearings? Also, does the red MR03 limited edition chassis come with ball bearings as well?
I don't want to spend a ton upgrading my first few cars. Kind of dive right into the pool without proper diving equipment here.

2011.07.01, 01:52 PM
The ltd edition red 03 comes with,
●Ball bearing set No.MZW1
●Color nylon nut(Red) No.MZW13R
●Ball diff. set【Limited Color】 No.MZW206
●Xspeed MINI-Z motor V (for ASF) No.MZW301
●Rear oil shock set【Limited Color】 No.MZW207
●SP long king pin ball set No.MZW412
●Front upper arm brace set (wide) No.MZW420
●Setting tie rod set【Limited Color】 No.MZW402
●Ball diff shaft No.MZW206-2

The AWD DWS chassis does not come with bearings.

Welcome back to mini-z! :D

2011.07.01, 01:54 PM
Thanks kryten, glad to see your still here. Long time to chat!
What does the AWD come with and what makes it special compared to the original ones?
I have noticed the obvious change in the rear suspension. But other than that?

2011.07.01, 01:57 PM
The rear suspension and the chassis colour are the only differences between them.

2011.07.01, 05:02 PM
as you have been through this whole process a couple times now, i would suggest picking up as much of a package deal as you can to save on costs that you will end up loosing when you sell everything again in several months or maybe longer this time.

2011.07.01, 05:45 PM
I know what you mean arch, which is why I want to get the best of the best to start off with. And, I'm still in the thought process as there are just too many things on my want-list with very little budget to play with.
I probably won't come back to the Mini-Z scene, but just wondering if I do come back.
I've got a friend that I've met through the Transformers scene that lives very close to the track I used to race at. He got into the Xmods because their cheap and had the Transformers cars for a while. I'm hoping to get back to racing and possibly bring him along.
It seems the only hobby I've got where I've managed to keep my toy's forever is my RC helicopters. Other hobbies like Z's and TF's I've bought, collected and sold off.