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2011.05.12, 02:03 PM
I finally managed to get hold of the adjustable motor mount. But for the life of me I cannot get my PN70T motor to fit. I am not sure what I am doing wrong and have followed the instructions on the RR site. Its almost as if the motor is too fat!!

So I cannot get the motor cam to align with the motor, below are the instructions:


Any ideas?

Christopher Rc
2011.05.12, 02:12 PM
do you have pics?
do you use the screws that came with the mount?

2011.05.12, 02:28 PM

Yes I used the screws that came with the mount, I have managed to figure out what the problem, its my rubbish soldering of my motor wires to the motor, I used too much solder and the orientation of the wire did not help :( a bit silly on my part :)

On another note, after fixing it all i have 2 * those tiny counter sunk screws left. All looks good though :)

Christopher Rc
2011.05.12, 03:39 PM
good to hear you solved the problem :)
its not much space for the motor in the mount...
i had to sand down my soldering to prevent it from rubbing on the rear axle.
but this depends on which axle position you are using.

the two tiny countersunk screws you can use to mount a diffuser:).

2011.05.12, 03:54 PM
A diffuser? where can I get that? could u post a link, not seen this yet.

Christopher Rc
2011.05.12, 04:06 PM
reflex racing is coming out with a diffuser.
if you buy one of the new atomic 96, 94 or 90mm motor mounts you get a diffuser in the kit, sadly they donīt sell the diffuser separate.
you can buy the mount here: http://www.egrracing.com/shop/
currently iīm using homemade diffusers :D

Christopher Rc
2011.05.12, 04:16 PM
hereīs some links for more info on the diffusers:

Rune has some interesting stuff about diffusers in the technical section on his homepage: http://www.mini-znorway.com/

2011.05.13, 05:08 AM
Thanks dude, after re-soldering about 10 times I think I have it now, still not happy with the motor wire, only about a 1mm in spae between it and the rear diff :) Will see how she races :)

2011.05.13, 07:21 AM
try bending the tab on the brush. in the past i have bent them to get more clearance on the diff. just be easy as it can break pretty easy. if it does you can still solder to any part of the brush and that may even work better for you

2011.05.13, 11:25 AM
Cheers, will give this a shot :)