View Full Version : anyone knows this person?

2011.05.15, 09:32 PM
who is this??

2011.05.15, 10:43 PM
looks like a jolly guy... why do you ask? :D

2011.05.16, 07:21 AM
That's me with my safety goggles! I was using a dremel to angle the mounting points for a wing to put on my newly built 90mm Audi TT AWD (LiFe powered/ Xspeed motor).

2011.05.16, 08:45 AM
Nice :) lol

Now we need to see the pictures of that Audi to verify your story :-)


2011.05.16, 03:04 PM
The reason I post was I never saw safety glasses this old since my last job. There is a old engineer there who has a safety glasses that looks exactly the same. That engineer has been with the company since 1972 and he has been requesting this type of old style safety glass even the new nice looking safety comes out.