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2011.05.18, 04:31 AM

Does anyone know where to get the below?


I have broken the front part of my MR03 chassis, would like a stronger version :)


2011.05.18, 07:25 AM
Link doesn't work!

2011.05.18, 07:31 AM

Sorry try this:


I did a search for metalic mini-z mr03 in google

2011.05.18, 07:40 AM
it looks like a full aliuminium base chassis :)

2011.05.18, 07:41 AM
Those metalic pieces are just top covers and I doubt they are any stronger than stock. What exactly did you break. Again a picture would help!

unearthed name
2011.05.18, 07:48 AM
do you mean this?


pic courtesy of mini-z norway

2011.05.18, 08:13 AM

nope thats not it. So I broke off the front part where the body mount and lower arm screw into. I will get some pics, at work so can only do this once I am home :)

I think I will get a stock chassis, but wanted to see if there was something stronger :)

unearthed name
2011.05.18, 08:26 AM

should be stronger. gold plates as well.

2011.05.18, 08:42 AM
the sp chassy is not stronger i installed all my electronics in it and ran 2 race days with it and the front of the chassy where the 2 screws for the bottom suspension ball plate is screwed in broke right off during a race.

there was a bit of an impact but nothing the stock chassis couldn't handle.

i was using Atomic ti screws maybe that was one of the factors that made the chassis crack or maybe i just got a bad one.

i have gone back to the stock one and it keep taking it like a champ.

2011.05.18, 08:55 AM
The chassis is quite weak where the front body mount are attached. If you are using the Reflex Racing front suspension solutions, you really dont need the spring plate. Glue this in place with some Tec7 or similar flexible glue, and you have a much stronger chassis.

For stock spring placement it is a bit harder to reinforce without removing some adjusting possibilities.

Will post a pic later.

As for the SP chassis. I agree. This is not stronger, but it is stiffer than the stock chassis.

2011.05.18, 09:18 AM
Thanks for the advice, pic will be great. I have not use the Reflex racing front suspension, so far for my ability my setup is working well, I suspect I will switch to RR once I get better :)

I was just suprised at there it broke, the front area is pretty weak.

2011.05.18, 04:57 PM
Took a couple of pics at the track of an old reinforced chassis I found in the bin. Dont know who it belonged to, but it shows what I am referring to.