View Full Version : Looking for a specific radio for project

2011.05.18, 04:34 AM
We are looking for a current market radio that has both a trainer port AND will run MR-03/d'Nano.

It can be surface or air, but needs to accept the KO propo module (RF-901SM) to run Kyosho ASF. All of the current radios that this module is designed for (KO, Futaba 4KP with adapter, Sanwa) don't have trainer ports.

There is a youtube of someone doing this quite successfully with a 20 year old Futaba that had a plug in module http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maDabj59XdA

The alternative is to add a trainer port to any of the current Mini-Z radios (EX-5UR would be best) but that's custom designed circuitry that I'd rather avoid.