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2011.05.18, 05:22 AM

I have this on my MR03, one issue I have with this is that the spring keeps popping out. Looking at the support, where the springs sit, it appears to be threaded, almost as if there should be a bolt that will go through the upper arm and secure itself on the support, thus ensuring the springs do not pop out. I have not been able to find such a bolt.

Any ideas?


2011.05.18, 07:24 AM
A picture would be helpful. Having a hard time visualizing what you are talking about...

2011.05.18, 07:29 AM
I will get a pic up on here tonight

2011.05.18, 07:31 AM
The holes in that piece are the standard machine screws from motor mounts and other alloy parts on these cars. I think its 2mm.

A screw there will help keep the spring from coming all the way out, but it wont stop the spring from unseating itself. You need to reduce the travel (so the spring doesn't lose so much tension), or switch to one of the other available spring set ups. I either run an RR spring over, or lo pro set up on all but one of my cars. Ill never run the springs in the standard location again because of the springs ability to exit that location.

2011.05.18, 07:39 AM
I think I will have to try the lo pro setup, as I am using the PN lower arm, which I like. Reducing the travel is something I have not tried but, I guess this will affect steering.

2011.05.18, 08:04 AM
You can run a spring over set up with the PN lower bar as well. Instead of using an MR03 long king pin, you can just slide an MR02 king pin up through your lower ball. It works just the same, and in some cases, its a better height than the PN or RR long king pins. I had trouble with the RR ones hitting the inside of some bodies, and the PN ones only allow a limited number of spring options (I used PN AWD low downs). The MR02 king pin is almost perfectly between them offering more clearance and a wide selection of springs that work.

2011.05.18, 08:10 AM
So I am not a 100% sure about a spring over setup, this is where the spring is on the top and on the kingpins, as opposed to sitting in the centre. Could send me a link that has a pic, I have a vague idea of what you are saying. I will look into getting some 02 arms and springs.

2011.05.18, 08:11 AM
Thanks by the way :)

2011.05.18, 09:41 AM
Check out this link. Its about installing RR spring cups on their Spring over set up. It shows you a good pic, and with the shims he uses, it also shows how you can adjust ride height, droop, and pre-load in this type of set up. It is more adjustable than the standard spring location, and smoother IMO.


2011.05.18, 10:05 AM
Thanks dude

2011.05.18, 11:19 AM
looking at this setup, is the kingpin longer to allow us to put the springs? It must be :)

2011.05.18, 11:57 AM
Yes, the king pins are longer. Reflex was the first to come out with them. I think they are too long, as they rub inside of some of the lower bodies. PNRacing came out with some, but I think the intent for them was to be able to lower the car further, or to have more suspension stroke while leaving the springs in the standard location. I actually used the PN ones with low down springs over the arm, and didn't have clearance issues. I just didn't have as many options for tuning ride height or droop, as there wasn't any room for shims.

If you use an MR02 king pin, you can just slide it up through your lower ball, and it will extend up high enough that you can run a standard MR02 spring with a spring cup over the arm. If you use low down springs you can then add shims to adjust the other settings (or have droop ) in the left over space. Ive got a buddy of mine who races with me and runs this set up sometimes. If he has it on a car Ill snap a pic for you. He may have a pic he can post of it already, and he will probably read this before I see him again :D