View Full Version : Hows the Quality of Reflex Racing, 3Racing & Atomic Parts Compare to Kyosho's Parts?

2011.05.19, 10:26 AM
Hello. I have a Kyosho MR 03 and I've been purchasing strictly Kyosho parts for it thus far but how does the other makers of Mini Z parts compare in quality, fit, and price?

I do notice that their prices are much at least 1/3 lower in general than the Kyosho Route 246 parts.

Should I stick with Kyosho and pay their prices or go with someone like Reflex Racing?

Thank You All.

2011.05.19, 10:39 AM
it depends on what you need. as far as im concerned reflex parts are top notch. i have gotten a few atomic parts and they have been good but sometimes modification need to be made to get something to work, this does not pertain to all there parts just some things some times. the only thing i like from kyosho is there diffs, but they weight to much for my taste. and most all kyosho parts are pretty heavy. if you want a perfect fit everytime go kyosho if you want the best performing parts go reflex, pn our atomic. hope this helps

2011.05.19, 10:42 AM
Thank You Chad. I've heard and read very good things about Reflex Racing. I forgot to mention PN Racing how are they?

2011.05.19, 10:49 AM
In general, most R246 parts are 3Racing parts that are relabeled at almost twice the price. 3Racing also produces the Kyosho parts.

I have been racing for about 8 years, and most of my parts are Reflex, Atomic, PN and 3Racing (depending on the application). I dont have many Kyosho genuine parts, for the most part while the quality is very good, but the application does not suit my needs. The Kyosho parts are less adjustable for the most part, which is good and bad depending on your experience.

For the MR03, most of my parts are Reflex and Qteq. I feel that the Reflex parts offer the best price/perform ratio for the MR03.

Certain parts from each manufacturer are better for certain applications. But in general, attention to detail when installing the parts is very important so that they are installed correctly. Most parts are not parts that you simply bolt on and drive...

2011.05.19, 10:53 AM
pn parts are good as well. somethings just work better for each person. i use both pn and reflex parts. i mostly use reflex front ends and pods and i use pn tri damper. some run pn front ends and pn pods. i have some of both. i found the pn tri damper to have have better shocks but i run the reflex springs on them cause i find the reflex spring to be better for my taste. i run the reflex reverse kingpin and spring combo on all my cars. but on some tracks it will not work as well so i run the reflex spring over setup. i have never liked the stock spring in the center setup so i never messs with it. i do not like the pn arms due to having to shim them to get caster i find this setup to have more slop than i want so i run the reflex upper tower bar and stock kyosho arms and knuckles. the only thing is you ask 10 guys this same questions and you will get 10 different answers. best thing to do is get another brand part and see if you like it. the quality will be there its more of just personal likes and dislikes.

2011.05.19, 11:29 AM
Here is the part that i'm after but does it come with instructions on how to install:


2011.05.19, 11:37 AM
if it was me i would stay away from that mount. if you want something similar go with the new pn pod. it has way more adjust ability. ive seen a 3 racing pod for the f1 and to adjust the diff mess you have to remove the diff. it kinda defeats the purpose. im just not sure if this is the same way.

2011.05.19, 11:40 AM
Chad can you please link me to the PN Pod you are talking about?

Also does it come with instructions on how to install?


2011.05.19, 11:44 AM
Here is the part that i'm after but does it come with instructions on how to install:


It's a nice looking mount but here is the issue. If you notice the t/h-plate is part of the mount. If you need to tune your car this design makes it harder to do, because most other manufactures make separate t/h plates. This mount will limit you ability to tune your car since most other manufactures don't make this t/h plate. You may have to pay a little more for a Reflex, Atomic or PN motor mount but you will be able to tune it much easier since many parts are available for them.

2011.05.19, 11:50 AM

most parts do not come with instructions, but most of the wbsites have some sort of info to help you along

2011.05.19, 12:03 PM
I ordered this for my Mini Z but i'm wondering what those colored circular round things are for:


2011.05.19, 12:06 PM
The circle things are for spacing the CF plate against the T-plate -- some T-plates are different thicknesses so Kyosho offers spacers to hopefully deal with all comers. :)

RE the PN front end having slop -- yup, you just gotta shim it out. I orient the shims such that they cone away from each other, that way the stack is a little thicker and that takes out all of the slop.

Like Chad, I use a blend of Reflex and PN stuff, to get a balance of super-high-quality and low weight. I mix in Reflex parts sometimes into the PN front end, use Reflex bearings, have a PN rear end but Qteq diff parts (endorsed by Reflex), run the PN tri-shock, and of course am rocking the Reflex wing. PN and Reflex are the most innovation-happy companies at the moment and combining their best products together = very competitive setup. PN tends to make prettier, more finished, but more overbuilt products, so they'll take more abuse, require less fiddling initially, and perform great, but are heavier, and less adjustable. Reflex makes versatile, value-oriented products, so it requires more initial setup and finishing work, but when you're done the result is lighter and performs just as well as the PN stuff, for cheaper. 3racing is somewhat out of the loop for new Mini-Z product releases, but they have a couple bright stars in their product lineup (gearbox covers for MA010, etc.). And Atomic is finally coming out of their product lull, so their product offerings are good quality, but tend towards old-school and "Kyosho-like", which is not always the most flexible for racers.

Edit: With tri-shocks available nowadays, somebody should revisit the 3racing integrated mount -- it was incredibly light from what I remember, definitely has potential if you can keep the mount together (integrity...) and can tune the spring rates elsewhere.

2011.05.19, 12:42 PM
Do I install this first?


Or this first?


2011.05.19, 12:47 PM
You'll figure it out. ;)

(If you don't, the answer is T-plate, then CF floor plate, then motor mount.)