View Full Version : Are Front Bumpers Available to Protect the Car Body?

2011.05.19, 11:38 AM
I just bought a Lamborghini Countach autoscale mini z body (my first body ever) and i'm wondering if anyone knows of any bumper that can be installed onto my MR 03 to protect the front end of the car in case of a crash?

2011.05.19, 12:22 PM
there were CF bumpers for the Enzo...not sure if any others were made for other cars

2011.05.19, 12:25 PM
Reflex Racing have these (http://www.reflexracing.net/search.asp?pg=1&stext=qteq+bumper&sprice=&stype=&scat=)

2011.05.21, 08:54 AM
I made a CF one for mine a while back. A real PITA. If your looking for something more like a bumper, try gluing an old tire to the front. Use contact cement in case you want to take it off later. Easy to clean up.


2011.05.21, 02:35 PM
Reflex Racing have these (http://www.reflexracing.net/search.asp?pg=1&stext=qteq+bumper&sprice=&stype=&scat=)

The group I run with is of varying levels of driving skill, so there have been some body-cracking accidents here and there. I've been looking at these for a while and wondering if they work. Does anyone use these and what are your thoughts on them???
I have the Atomic SSG Reinforced Plate for my 360GTC and it seems to stiffen up the front quite a bit, but it was a bit of a pain gluing it in place.

2011.05.21, 09:38 PM
Okay I finally found the bumpers I was looking for. I called up Kyosho America and and told him i'm running a Lamborghini Countach Mini Z body and he suggested I go with the Mini-Z Lexan Bumper SS 36mm. Originally he said go with the 30 mm but then said go with the 36 mm because it will offer more protection.


2011.06.26, 03:43 PM
what the best bumper for the covette and the aston martin? i cant find any...