View Full Version : possible new buggy

2011.05.22, 09:00 PM
just speculation at this piont, but this may be a mini-z sized buggy from kyosho. hopefully we'll find out more soon. pics are from the recent Shizuoku show on rcc51 site. anyone else have any info on this? link is below. scroll down to the grey buggy chassis that looks like a proto-type chassis.


2011.05.22, 09:02 PM
nevermind... i think. it looks like it says 1/10th. i guess i didn't look too close. sorry to get anyone overly excited.

2011.05.22, 09:16 PM
the new 4pk looks nice

2011.05.23, 09:53 AM
If you're talking about the grey prototype, that's a Yokomo 1/10 buggy that's coming out.