View Full Version : RCP/micro rally question

2011.05.22, 09:30 PM
has anyone ran the losi micro rally on a mini 96? is it too big?

2011.05.22, 10:09 PM
I have run the mini Truck (same chassis different body) on a standard RCP track, and I think the Mini-96 would be too tight for the turning radius of the chassis.

2011.05.22, 10:31 PM
thanks, that's what I was thinking ...I have the micro high roller and truck and they are just slightly too big

2011.05.23, 02:12 PM

Same as EMU. The SCT is a good car on the large tiles. On a mini-96 it will be too tight.

PS: To get a little more steering you can modify the knuckles simply by removing some material but even with this I doubt the truck can manage the mini-96.