View Full Version : Chicago Mini R/C vs Mini-Z Dojo?

2011.05.26, 05:12 PM
Since June isn't a How Fast Are You month (It is a big track event). What about the clubs runnings the same layout and comparing each other's times? Run the same class as HFAY which is esentially a 70t motor class.

I have 4 Wide-L kits, a wide radius oval (4 wide inside turns with that), and an expansion kit.


I can check with a new group of racers in Louisville that might want to join in on the action.

2011.05.27, 02:11 PM
I'm thinking of running the 12th... I'm sure we'd be down for it.

How about just running a basic class, only tech limitations being PN 70turn amatures, Kyosho Autoscale bodies and rubber tires only?

10 minute runs for mains, no staggered starting, minimum 4 drivers per main, all competing clubs must post the full race data on the final race event thread.

Obviously trying to adhere to the HFAY standards for everything not listed above... simple enough right?

Any of the previous BTE layouts work for me but we are only around 3WL capacity.

2011.05.27, 02:16 PM
Do you think you'll be doing the BTE anyway? The reason I brought this up is I thought you usually did much larger layouts then even a BTE so I figured we'd do the same one.

As far as the rules, yeah, pretty much HFAY. 70t or kyosho stock, rubber tires, autoscales.

2011.05.28, 08:34 PM
We just run in my basement now so we are limited to the previous sizes, I think the BTE#3 layout fit real well down there. I'll post as soon as I get the layout info. together.

2011.06.06, 07:05 AM
Sounds like a plan.

We are running on the 18th and 24th this month. Do you have a layout in mind? We have some great big tracks, but I am not sure if you have enough pieces to make them happen.

How about you generate a layout that is possible with your tiles and we can go from there?



2011.06.07, 09:01 PM
This was the layout I was thinking.


2011.06.08, 09:23 AM
Need to find a location dead center between Chicago and Ann Arbor and hold an IN PERSON event ;)

Should be less than a 2 hour drive for both sides...

2011.06.08, 12:00 PM
I agree, we need a LIVE Enduro or something where enduro teams from both clubs duke it out!

2011.06.08, 01:49 PM
TO me a midpoint that would work but would also encourage family members to make the time is Sawyer, MI. The family can hit Warren Dunes while we race. The adventurous folks could camp a night and do Sand Dune R/C bashing the previous or following day.

I called this Super 8 - http://www.super8.com/Super8/control/Booking/property_info?propertyId=13835&cid=IP_Local

They have a 48' x 26' meeting room they can rent for $125 for 8 hours.
I figure if everyone can chip in $10 it could be done. I'd be willing to bring my fleet of cars if any friends want to join but don't own a car. Probably about 15-20 cars in a repaired working state right now.

2011.06.08, 07:38 PM
official mini-z dojo thread for the event!


2011.06.09, 09:32 AM
If we were to meet we could probably bring both of our track sets and make something ridiculously huge!