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2011.05.26, 06:42 PM
I'm thinking about getting a RWD mini-z, but I have a question about the tire wear on the rear tires. Does the solid axle in back cause tire wear to be uneven? I know that the fronts can be adjusted for camber to get the tire wear perfect, so i'm not worried about that. Please post some pictures of typical tire wear if you can.


2011.05.26, 10:53 PM
Tire wear will depend on the track. Pretty much any track going clockwise will wear the LR faster than the RR, simply because there will always be more rights than lefts on a clockwise track (you will also wear the LF faster than the RF).

If you are worried about the tire not wearing flat, dont worry, the rears always wear flat ;)

2011.05.26, 10:54 PM
We can estimate a typical wear life, BLT, under "reasonable" racing conditions. From what I've seen the typical wear life for PN 6 radials is 1 pack/3 5-minute qualifiers, whereas Kyosho 20 slicks last well over 5 packs' worth of time. This is an average based on what I've gleaned off of other racers as well as my own experience.

Obviously, driving style also matters, if you're hard on the tires they don't last as long. I made a pair of PN 8 slicks last two race days at Kenon, whereas greenepa76 managed to run through I think two pairs in one day! I think at RCX he was swapping rear tires every qualifier, which honestly would've been the smart thing to do (PN 6 radials are the best when straight out-of-the-bag, and deteriorate as soon as you run them)!

2011.05.27, 01:13 AM
I personally dont like to change my tires too often. Once an event is as much as I would want to change. For a club race, I want my tires to last a few race days at least... I do sacrifice a little speed in doing so. For club races, I like to use LM rear tires, which last a much longer time than the Kyosho 20d radail, or PN 6d but are usually about .1-.2s slower due to slightly less grip. I didnt use PN 6d tires for a long time because of their higher wear rate and faster drop off, but I think the newer version is considerably better than the prior versions and the degradation rate has improved and grip drop off is better as well. I feel that for club races, I want my car to be very consistent run to run, and not change so much due to variance in rear tire wear stage. It makes it much easier to run more classes without having to spend time on each car changing tires.

When choosing a tire, you have to choose what is best for the specific track you are racing at. Some tracks the Kyosho tires are the only tire to use, other tracks the PN rear tire is the only tire to use. What I mean by that, is that at some tracks the new X tire does not grip as much as the worn Y tire...

In general what Color01 said, the PN tires work best right out of the bag, while the Kyosho radials need a little break/wearing to get them to their higher grip stage. So the PN radial rear you get immediate increase in grip, while the Kyosho has a little squirm until it is worn in about one pack. I typically like the Kyosho tires when they are just about to slick and when they are slick their grip is consistent as the compound is softer than the Kyosho slick (LM is a little softer than slick as well, but harder than Radial).

2011.05.27, 01:14 PM
I'm actually talking about tire wear patterns. Meaning do the outside or inside of the rear tires wear first. I had an idea for the rear suspension on MR-02/03 cars. I'm just wondering if camber on the rear tires would help, because right now I don't think that there is an easy way to do it.

2011.05.27, 02:03 PM
The rear tires wear flat.

2011.05.27, 02:17 PM
The rear tires wear flat.

Darn, my idea is a dud then. :(