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Monkeys Punk
2011.05.27, 06:43 AM
I am running an mr03 mm wide on high grip carpet with kyosho 20 rear and 30 front and I keep getting grip roll. I am also running a 4.5 tbar. Everything else is kit. Should I stiffen the tbar or maybe get some 30s for the rear also ? Or is there something else that will help ?
Thanks in advance guys

2011.05.27, 07:31 AM
Read this thread (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33180&highlight=traction+roll). It might be helpful.

2011.05.27, 09:30 AM
The single best traction roll reduction tip I learned was to run smaller diameter tire/wheel combo up front. Since switching over to 19mm wheels I don't have trouble unless my tires are brand new and full height. There are other options for adjusting roll center and ride height, but this was a cheap and very effective solution for me.

2011.05.27, 09:47 AM
Before you start messing up your setup, glue the front tires.
Only thing I had to do to get rid of traction roll with my LM last year.
Also at one point I put glue on the sidewall of the tires.

2011.05.27, 10:59 AM
90% of the traction roll cases I've seen are caused by the sidewall of the tire digging into the track surface, folding over, and launching the car up. Gluing the sidewall of the tire 1) stiffens the sidewall and 2) hardens the surface, so if the car starts rolling it will slide over the glue and push momentarily instead of flipping.

I typically run my cars extremely low and with high front roll centers for the MR03 so I don't need the sidewall glue, but it gives me an extra margin of error for big races where I might need the trick in a tight situation. :)

Monkeys Punk
2011.05.27, 04:26 PM
Great many thanks for the replys. I was thinking about trying gluing the fronts as thats what I sometimes have to do with my 12th pan car.

2011.05.28, 08:12 PM
I use Hudy tire truer down to 22.5 mm as a base on 20 mm rims.
After few packs running, you be nice & low down to 22 mm
which almost no side wall. Just keep in mind by doing few front sets
because you may not last entire night of 4 heats.

2011.05.29, 04:56 AM
As much as I love the tire truer, and yes it does help, reducing the sidewall height also makes it easier for the tire to fold up. So if you're going the truing route you have to make sure to use strong tire tape, OR actually glue the tire to the wheel, which gets fairly annoying if you have to remove the tire from the wheel every couple of runs. Running a full-height tire with glued sidewalls will take care of the traction roll and give you a much longer wear life.