View Full Version : What is required to run 98mm

2011.05.27, 02:02 PM
What is needed to run a 98mm body? As I understand it you need:

1. a 98mm body (obviously)
2. some type of 98mm chassis extension
3. 98mm gears.

Is this correct?

Also, do you need a 98mm driveshaft or is this just to use 94mm gears with a 98mm wheelbase? I just need to know if it is necessary to run 98mm a driveshaft.


2011.05.27, 02:47 PM
What type of suspension do you plan on using?

You do not need a 98mm specific driveshaft. Atomic has a 98mm SAS, and Kyosho has a 98mm DWS, PN has a more traditional standard kingpin 98mm configuration. These will all do 98mm without need for side extention brackets. Which reduces a little slop for gear mesh and geometry tweak.

I have not tried the DWS at 98mm, but this would be the route that I would go, especially since you use a bearing in the DWS to hold the spur gear in place, which means that there is a considerable reduction in slop at the 98mm position.

If you do use the Kyosho DWS at 98mm, and do not plan to use the bearing, I would recommend using ATM or PN spur gears, as they will hold the driveshaft better (Kyosho spur is a little loose on the shaft). If you use the bearing, you can only use the Kyosho spur.