View Full Version : Next race day

2011.05.28, 06:39 PM
Well i now have a mr-02 and will be down next race day whenever you pick a date.
couple questions, i want to get the basics which i know are tires, batteries, h plate. little things
Which tires do you guys run on rcp as ive never raced on it before, and also in a day of your racing how many sets or batteries do you go through

2011.05.28, 08:30 PM
Tires right now, PN 6s, 8s for the rear... Kyosho 20s for the rear as well. For the fronts, PN 10s, 15s... Kyosho 30s.

Batts I wouldn't worry too much about... I've got about 10 sets of extra sets of Orions all charged ready to go.

As far as setup... we've got parts to help you tweak and tune.

Prolly looking at the 12th for the race day... I'll post up soon.

2011.05.30, 07:42 PM
I should be good the 12th.........