View Full Version : Storing RCP Track

2011.05.30, 12:54 AM

I've been looking for RCP track tips. Is it ok to store tracks in boxes in a garage for long periods of time? I live in Texas, so for the most part would just have to deal with very hot temperatures. I am planning on storing it in a storage closet outside in boxes.


2011.05.30, 08:11 AM
It should be fine. I just pulled mine out again and it was stored for a few years outside in one of those rubbermaid boxes...through both the heat of summer and cold and snow of winter. It needed some cleaning but afterwards was good as new.

2011.05.30, 08:33 AM
the only thing i have not been able to get out of rcp are indentations made over periods of time. bends, folds, curves, etc will flatten out on a good sunny day. you may end up with a crease if the tile has been folded.