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2011.05.30, 01:55 PM
Is this true about radios that use the 2.4Ghz frequency?

The latest radio is the ASF radio. The radio use 2.4Ghz frequency, and it selects the frequency for you when you start the car up. The radio works great as advertise. However, and there is always a however, to get into reverse, you have to hit reverse once, stay in neutral for half a second or so before hitting reverse again. That half a second may not seem too much, but it is eternity in a race when you are trying to get out of the way in a high speed corner so others don't hit you.

I got it off this website:

2011.05.30, 02:45 PM
short answer yes. longer answer is that you can adjust some of the delay out with a good radio. the 03 has no delay in reverse but you still have to brake then go to neutral then reverse. once you get the feel for it you wont notice it. ive gone to brake before and end up going into reverse due to just allow my finger to slip a little on accident. the key is to stay off the wall and not need to go into reverse.

2011.05.30, 03:15 PM
Thank You Chad.

The reverse-delay can be programmed-out so reverse performs like an AM-board

Is this also true?

2011.05.30, 03:43 PM
not on an 02. the 03 can be adjusted but you have to have an ics programer. even with that its not exactly the same as am

2011.05.30, 05:49 PM
Convert your 02's with 03 Board then all your Reverse delay will be in the past!

2011.05.31, 09:51 AM
the 03 has no delay in reverse but you still have to brake then go to neutral then reverse.

Why did they decide to use this method? Won't it be better instead to going to a break then go to neutral then reverse why not just reverse just like my Dynamite Rocket Racer. I don't know why they decided to use this method unless they are trying to imitate a real car because in a real car you have to come to a complete stop then slip gear into reverse.

2011.05.31, 10:02 AM
y u no want your car to brake?:D

Seriously, early AM 01 boards didn't have brake. People complained about it and then the F1 boards where released with brake. This later passed on to 02 AM boards, and then kyosho came up with the delay for the 2.4GHz 02 boards.

At least I can't drive without brakes, and can't really understand why anyone wouldn't want brakes on their car. If your new to R/C, you will get used to it really fast, so don't sweat it ;)

2011.05.31, 10:41 AM
Brake is REALLY nice to have, if you accidentally tap reverse with a no-brake ESC you lose a lot of speed, upset the chassis and potentially can damage the FETs. I'd rather accidentally brake-check someone than lose car control should my finger slip or anything!

2011.05.31, 11:12 AM
i love to use the brakes!

unearthed name
2011.05.31, 11:41 AM
brake, what brake? it just make my car turns faster into the corner

2011.05.31, 02:20 PM
i love to use the brakes!
Your car is undriveable without brakes. :rolleyes: Dear god I'm not copying your setup when I go Mod! :p

2011.05.31, 04:15 PM
Brakes only slow you down ;) I use brakes a bit... but back in the day before brakes, you could really dial in drag brake, so when you let off throttle fully, you broke, and didnt have to push the trigger forward to brake. I used a few MR01 boards in MR02's for this specific reason... I also felt that the MR01 board used higher grade components compared to the MR02, and there was less glitching... I now prefer having the brake, and do like the reverse delay to a point... it allows you to brake twice in a corner, which can be useful sometimes depending on the layout.