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180SX SR20
2011.05.30, 10:52 PM
has anyone visited the R246 Garage in Japan? I did over the weekend and I was amazed. They even have a track that looked like the numbers "246". I can barely speak japanese but was able to check out their new products. really cool!

2011.05.30, 11:08 PM
did you take pics? hope you could share them with us... would love to hear more about the place... thanks in advance...

unearthed name
2011.05.30, 11:19 PM
pic pleaaasse!!!!!

2011.05.31, 12:36 AM
Here's a video of the place I think:


180SX SR20
2011.06.13, 07:33 AM
sorry, havent been on the forum for a while. My military career took over for a while. I'll post some pics soon. This place has almost everything in stock. I just cant believe all the mini-z tracks and shops around my base. Lots of hard to find bodies and parts are at the local shops. but pics will be up soon.

2011.06.14, 02:45 AM
huah...didn't know your were in the service... what branch?
pretty cool finding hard to find bodies... and parts... :D

2011.06.17, 05:15 PM
Can't wait for the pics!!!:)

2011.06.18, 09:38 AM
Can't wait for the pics!!!:)

180SX SR20
2011.08.12, 10:10 AM
huah...didn't know your were in the service... what branch?
pretty cool finding hard to find bodies... and parts... :D

Navy, and I'm "accelerating" my life, lol.
I have bumped into some real rare bodies like the batmobile, speed racer's MK5, and the Delorean from Back to the Future, but found out they weren't for sale.
Funny thing about parts, I found 2 pairs of Tagu wheels for less than 16 bucks. I can't find too many ATM or PN parts, but Kawada, R246, KM Racing, Atlas, Eagle and M's Racing are the popular brands out here.

180SX SR20
2012.02.02, 09:13 AM

and the mothership


2012.02.02, 09:16 PM
great pics... more, more... :D

2012.12.20, 10:44 AM
I never visited it but I'll check it next time I go back to Japan. :D