View Full Version : Raceday June 12th in Reading PA...

2011.05.31, 09:48 AM
We'll be racing the 12th of June, 10am to 5pm. Usual test, tune and raceday.

Although, I would suggest to anyone who is an AutoScale collector to bring cash because you may have some very Original opportunities at some of the collection... Larry's having a clearance sale and you never can Teile what he might be putting up for grabs. :rolleyes:

I'd be up for like a 1/2 to 1hr endurance race if we get more than 4 racers... been a while since we did one of those.

Post below if you plan to attend!

2011.05.31, 11:30 AM
Im in....................:);):

2011.05.31, 12:53 PM
ill be there, with cash lol.

2011.06.03, 08:04 PM
Talked to Al...........sounds like he and Steve should be there. Maybe another guy to.

2011.06.06, 08:31 AM
Good, we need racers!

Not that I mind running 2 car duels all day with you Larry but it's just not worth even owning a lap counter then.

2011.06.06, 12:01 PM
I totaly agree.:)

2011.06.07, 02:58 PM
ED..............check the BTE HFAY layout. I assume this will not fit in your basement???

2011.06.07, 09:11 PM
I won't make it...getting ready to go camping out at Lake Erie next week. :D

2011.06.08, 09:47 AM
The last layout I saw won't fit* (I'm at work and they block some of the images on here). We'll prolly just run what we got down.

Camping... c'mon dude, you can show for an hour or two! :p

*Yeah, just checked what they posted again... won't fit unless I knock out the stairs, pole and a bit of the wall down there. I can only go 8 tiles wide, and thats only in a limited area. 8x18 is the max I can do.


2011.06.09, 02:13 PM
If anyone has any extra KT18 controllers they want to get rid of... I'll buy them from you. Bring'em if you got'em. :)

2011.06.11, 07:41 PM
See you guys around 10-10:30ish. Bring an F-1 if you got one.

2011.06.11, 11:56 PM
ill be there around 10:30-11:00

2011.06.12, 08:29 PM
After a slow start.....it was a good day of tune/racing. We ended up with 4 people............

miniznewb, good to meet you. Hope to see you run again.
Also good to see Dave (GASMAN) in the house!

As always Ed, thanks.

2011.06.12, 09:58 PM
Yes it was good to meet all of you, had a good time and i will definitely be out agian.

2011.06.13, 08:44 AM
If anyone has an idea of what Sunday would be good for them for next race, LMK.

2011.06.13, 12:40 PM
any sunday works for me, i know larry was pretty busy next month if one works for him its good for me. Just ordered my tracks so hopefully i can get a little more practice in lol

2011.06.13, 02:03 PM
You did fine for your first time out on our track... but having your own RCP does help.

2011.06.13, 08:42 PM
Ya Ed, run what works for you guys...........with the PN/Maj regional, i dont think ill make it but, never know. I would rather you run and get the guys there.