View Full Version : ICS D.FREQ and energy consumption

2011.06.02, 07:35 AM
Next weekend we will run a 24h Mini-Z LeMans Race of 3 members teams.
Definition of cars = 100% Kyosho components.
We go there with MR03 + Xspeed 2,4 GHz.
Circuit will be medium level of difficulty.
10 teams = 10 cars in competition in the same time.
Necessity of fast but sensible and economical speed and energy controle.

Consuption of energie will be important parametre for not so often change batteries and lost time.

Do you have any practical experience / measurements with D.FREQ (Motor Drive Frequency) setting and mainly with consequent batteries energy consumption ?

What setting of D.FREQ do you recommend me for this Race ?
5kHz, 2.5kHz or 1.2kHz ?

2011.06.02, 11:36 AM
Higher drive frequencies tend to save power, the inductor effect of the coils prevents high current flow the more often the PCB does its current-switching action. It'll also be smoother and easier to drive, which are two other important factors for an endurance race car.